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mac erci, cabinet de recrutement à Paris

To assist a recruitment, an internal mobility, mobilizing the best skills as part of an internal reorganization or to launch a new project, our agency has effective analytical tools which are adaptable to your context and your environment : basic and/or in-depth evaluations, Assessment* (individual or collective approach), personality tests … These customized tools bring a complementary insight on individual and collective potentials of your human resources and a support in your decision-making process.

Focus on our distinctive tool : ASSESSMENT

Included in our different Outplacement, Skills Assessment services or for recruitment needs, Assessment is an evaluation technique that enables to clarify and to identify the abilities and potential of an individual in a global manner. These evaluations rely on different tools and mainly professional simulation exercises and roleplays.

Its advantages :
>>> Include reliable methods accompanied by tangible and verified results through time (these methods are extensively used in the United States and since several decades to select high potential candidates before admission in the most prestigious universities),