MAC ERCI International

MAC ERCI International was established in 2007, born of the idea that fulfilment and performance are not only compatible but should be a goal to be met. That's what we're all about, it’s why we do what we do. In support of this endeavour, MAC ERCI International draws on the values of sport, our origins, when making our name and building on our values. This concept is used as a building block every day so we can make progress and move forward with an effective, united team.

Initially the project started in human resources with recruitment, before branching out to skills assessment, and now to career transition.


MAC ERCI International is a Human Resources Consultancy on a human scale that provides dual expertise to Executives, Experts, Managers and Business Leaders.

Our positioning in “Engineering & Innovation” means we work in innovative, mainly industrial, sectors and those which are cutting-edge within technical and/or technological businesses.
These environments, which are steadfastly rooted in transformation projects for “responsible” innovation, mean we have an inquisitive, informed stance when it comes to new businesses.

Selected for challenging assignments, often in emerging businesses with specialised, sought-after skills, we work with major groups, mid-size companies and start-ups in France and internationally.

We use qualitative methods that we can adapt to each situation. These methods are the very basis of our reasoning. No tool is exclusive to one group or type of environment. We are driven by client satisfaction, whether the client is an originator, or a beneficiary.